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GreenerGreenGrass was founded to provide natural and sustainable lawn care solutions to consumers who are concerned about our fragile ecosystem. With a strong background in environmental advocacy, the GreenerGreenGrass team is dedicated to stewardship for the planet.

We hope that you share in our dream and can help make it a reality by using fewer harmful lawn care products. Green grass is beautiful and we want everybody to enjoy it, but not at the expense of our future. That is why our products are safe for children, pets, and the planet.

We would love to hear your success stories! Please contact us at any time if you would like to share. If you would like to reach us by phone or mail, please click here for additional contact information.

In 2011, we were featured as a case study in the book The Complete Guide to Organic Lawn Care. View the press release, or learn more about the book.
In May 2010 we started the Natural Lawn Care Tips Blog, which is rich with valuable information about maintaining an organic lawn, tools and gadgets you can use, and current events in organic lawn care.
We added both the GreenerGreenGrass Apparel Shop and the GreenerGreenGrass Natural Lawn Care Blog in May 2010.

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In November 2009, GreenerGreenGrass products became available on You can view the press release for more information or go directly to Amazon if you are already a member and want to save time when you place your order.
In June 2009, we added EZ FLO Fertigation Tanks to the GreenerGreenGrass product offering. You can view the press release for more information, or purchase a tank now.